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Dear freshman,

Go ahead and toss every expectation you have of college out the window. right now. throw that out and leave the window open. Allow God to blow through and offer you something greater.

This year is going to stretch you, challenge you, and change you. hopefully for the better but only you can determine that.

I walked into my freshman year full of hope and possibilities and quickly came faced with realities of needing community, a solid grip on the Word, and needing people that will tell me straight up what I needed to hear.

Man, I am so thankful for the people I’ve met, places I’ve been, opportunities, fires, lake days, study times, flat tires, naps, snow days, conversations, and experiences of this year.

In fact I wouldn’t change a single moment. Not on thing, because every bit of it, even the messy moments are what made this year incredible.

So open your heart and mind to what the Lord has for you this year. His plan is far greater than what you think you want.


A rising Sophomore :)

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