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Georgia K
Georgia K

Let's Get Personal

Creative Journey

Hey, hey, hey, party people! I'm Georgia K, and if you've made it over here then you are probably hoping to find out more about me. So, here are some things to know... I love watching Friends, I almost always have a longboard with me, I prefer to drive a good truck, I am a full-time college student right now, and I am a follower of Jesus!

My creative journey began when I started taking photos for my high school newspaper. I took photos of sporting events, band concerts, classrooms, and a many other things. During that time, I was also volunteering on my church's media team. Right before the pandemic shut everything down, I came on staff as a media associate intern. So during that COVID summer I was on the team that filmed, photographed and produced everything from VBS to Sunday services for our church. Now I am in the beautiful North Georgia mountains for college and working as a freelance photographer.

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